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Legal Intelligence


Our objective is to provide comprehensive and professional advice to our clients, to solve legal or notary needs, in order to protect their interests and assets.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the investigative-judicial area, due to their successful career in the Costa Rican Judicial Investigation Agency.

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Property Law

Acquisition advice

The registry analysis prior to the acquisition of goods today becomes a transcendental issue, it favors a safe and forceful purchase. We carry out an in-depth investigative approach, providing a detailed report to our clients of the results obtained.

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Commercial Law

Corporate Businesses

Our consultancies focus on productively guiding the good management of our clients' companies and investments, achieving the development of market strategies at a national and international level.

    Some of our notary services:

  • Property transfers

  • Resident agent service

  • Naturalizations and immigration procedures (work permits)

  • Request and monitoring of the registry alert service

  • Registration and transfer of personal property

  • Constitution and cancellation of mortgages and pledges

  • Preparation of wills

  • Opening and processing of succession processes in notarial office

  • Preparation of contracts

  • Constitution of legal powers

  • Signature and fingerprint authentication

  • Civil marriages and divorces

  • Marriage capitulations

  • Constitution of mercantile companies

  • Process of occurrence

  • Affidavits

  • Assignments and donations of assets

  • Constitution of family patrimony

  • Notarization of acts


Comprehensive Analysis

Due to the advance of criminality, it is of the utmost importance to give priority in a complete, objective and sufficient manner prior to any legal business that the client or user requires. That is why we provide a detailed and complete report of the results obtained in each specific case.


Preparation and presentation of the document

If the user needs to initiate criminal proceedings at the Prosecutor's Office or the judicial police (OIJ), a meeting would be scheduled to determine the scope of the client's situation and establish the procedure to follow. We prepare the complaint in an integral and professional manner for due delivery to the corresponding institution.


Safety - Notary

We offer various talks aimed at training the human factor and management, on security issues and risk mitigation. In addition, talks addressed to public notaries in order to establish adequate procedures for the identification of risks that may generate criminal conflicts.or administrative.  The above's sustained having extensive experience investigación of registry or notarial misdeeds.

Real estate

Management and Monitoring


We manage clients' properties in case of sale or lease, being direct intermediaries to achieve the placement of the property in an effective and safe way, maintaining fluid communication at all times.

Immigration Procedures / Naturalization

Preparation of documents

We start and continue immigration procedures such as:

- Residences: temporary or permanent

- Naturalization

- Work and study permits

- Tourism extensions

- Stays, others.


Appointment management / USA VISA

We help you with your appointment ​


We help you with the processing of the appointment so that you can obtain your VISA from the United States with continuous advice, in addition, we follow up on the process to get your appointment as early as possible (depending on the availability of the embassy).

- VISA for the first time

- Renovation

- Family quotes

- Business / Pleasure Visa

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• Commitment

• Honesty

• Professionalism

• Loyalty

• Responsibility

• Honesty


Our company was born with the purpose of providing comprehensive, honest and concrete advice to provide our clients with an adequate solution according to their interests. We honestly believe  that our clients should receive exceptional attention and with care to synthesize their needs in a positive way.

We want to be an essential part of your projects and thus achieve transcendental success in your life.


Advance assertively to success, always using the correct treatment of our clients and users, in order to carry out the work in a professional manner, dedicated to the spiritual values ​​and beliefs that will define us as professionals.

When you are able to uphold your own standards of integrity no matter what others do, you are destined for greatness.

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