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Legal procedures that take effect in Costa Rica


How does it work

In Moreguti Legal Intelligence we are dedicated to solving the notarial and legal needs of Costa Ricans and foreigners living outside of Costa Rica, which is why we open a direct communication channel to provide the client with prompt and effective advice; being that at the time of scheduling several appointments in any city in the world, we move and carry out the corresponding notarial acts. The quote of the act that you require is FREE!


Services to offer

Drafting of power of Attorney to present in Consulates.

Cancellation of mortgages and pledges.

Constitution and dissolution of companies.

Complete investigation prior to the acquisition of assets.

Legal advice.

Power of Attorney:

  • Power of Attorney to be represented in a Shareholders Meeting.

  • Power of attorney for substitution in the Assembly of Owners.

  • Power of attorney for administrative procedures.

  • Special Power of Attorney for free assignment of Hereditary Right.

  • Limited General Power of Attorney for onerous assignment of Hereditary Right.

  • Special power.

  • Special Administrative Power.

  • Special Power of Attorney for vehicle insurance.

  • Special Power of Attorney for Declaration in Registry of Transparency and Final Beneficiaries.

  • Special power to effect the withdrawal of the labor liquidation.

  • Special Power of Attorney to photocopy a medical record.

  • Special Power to manage permission to leave the country.

  • Special Power of Attorney for the registration of a trade name.

  • Special Power of Attorney for the sale of a property or a vehicle.

  • Special Power of Attorney for the sale of a property or a vehicle of a company.

  • Special power for trademark registration.

  • Special power to process license plates.

  • Special power for municipal procedures.

  • Very Special Power.

  • Special power of attorney for divorce by mutual agreement.

  • Special power of attorney for marriage.

  • General Power.

  • General Judicial Power.

Reverse of power of attorney:

  • Revocation.

  • Waiver.

  • Substitution.


  • Donation of properties or vehicles.

  • Acceptance of a donation.


  • Divorce by mutual consent.

  • Divorce by mutual agreement between national and foreigner.

  • Rectification of civil status of a property owner due to divorce by mutual agreement.



  • Civil marriage between Costa Ricans.

  • Civil marriage between Costa Rican and foreigner.



  • Granting of an open will.

  • Granting of a closed will.

  • Revocation of will and granting of a new one.



  • Signature authentication.

  • Fingerprint authentication.



  • Affidavit in a private document or in a public deed.

  • Affidavit of de facto union.

  • Affidavit for description of vehicle due to disuse.

  • Affidavit for license plate replacement (loss or theft).


Last details

Once a group of clients have scheduled an appointment in a certain city, we agree on a date and time for the attention of each one.


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